Featured Partners

    Office365: since 2010; “who ate the cheese” a customer once asked what happens to your business if you stop selling exchange server and the services you provide. I answered, “what happens if I don’t address the best solution out there?” Our customers are happy, their yearly budgets can finally afford to proceed with projects to grow their business . . . not support vendors who sell obsolete products. Office365 has made our goal of supporting our customers with the best and most efficient solutions much easier.

   Carbonite: Since 2006: we have too many stories to share here, but many customers have been saved with Carbonite with lost data, deleted data, crashed hard drives, etc. Sleep well at night, a resounding YES!

  Act!: since 2001: It all started in 1996 as our first son was born: how do I organize my calendar, keep a record of my appointments, documents, email, contacts and when i spoke to them all and what did we discuss. Although there are many companies out there doing some of the same thing, we find that a simple, yet efficient system which works for you, works best. We’ve represented many CRM products in the past but continue using Act! because we want to spend more time working with customers than working with a product that demands too much time without the same results.

  Check Point: since 2001: Check Point tops the list in internet protection year after year. Supplying hundreds of boxes our customer continue to demand their products as they feel they are exposed to the Internet’s Wild West without their “CP” between them and the world.

   APC: since 2008: working with APC is like working on a team where all team mates have one goal in mind –  get the customer the best products for their needs. APC provides the technical knowledge for our customers needs and we confident after multiple installations they’ll get what they pay for.

Kaspersky: since 2006: after working with other Anti Virus companies we are proud to work with KAV products as their customer support and defense against virus’ et al have help protect our customers over a decade.