Security Solutions

A Multi-Tiered Approach

We recommend a multi-tiered approach to security: not only do we want the perimeter protected but we want the server as well as the workstations protecting themselves. Using new technologies we can encrypt your workstation so in the unlikeliest of circumstances an employee should inadvertently open a ransomware tainted email or an alternative website that attempts to download a bot, the security of your data and network would not be adversely affected.

What’s Your Strategy?

Start with a firewall with anti-virus installed in the hardware, followed by a server that runs anti-spam and anti-virus protection, add the same protection for each workstation and you have a comfortable security strategy. Before a virus or trojan can even reach your mail server all mail is filtered through our spam and virus blockers. It is then sent to our mail server which runs additional anti-virus and anti-spam along with an anti-phishing filter. Then it is sent to your server which runs those same filters with additional requirements before it reaches your desktop which then filters it one last time.

Stay Safe and Productive

Block email threats before they reach your organization. Ensure proprietary information that must remain confidential stays where it’s safe. Eliminate the need for the ongoing patching and updates required by appliance or software solutions. Leverage cloud services to reduce maintenance, conserve bandwidth, and improve the performance of your existing email infrastructure. Request more information or talk to us now (203-226-0026).